Click on tattoo design for a printable version...Tattooing is an expression of beauty found throughout the world. In the Americas, ancient pottery fragments and fragments of ancient ceremonial objects show that North America's Southeastern tribal people have been using tattoos to decorate their bodies for centuries.

The early European explorers were amazed at the complex designs covering not only the men's bodies but the women as well. Artists that accompanied the explorers took great pains to illustrate the mystery of the designs. However, interestingly enough, sometimes in these drawings it is obvious that the artists replaced the actual intricate patterns found on the Native people with European style patterns such as fleur-de-lis.

Swift hands and delicate motions imbedded intricate patterns into the skin using turtle and fish bone needles and natural dyes. It took hours to create one segment of a design that would eventually, over years, cover the entire body. I can only imagine how an individual's life story could be read from the art on their body.

Tattoos were also used on the face and body to give power to the individual wearing them. For example, paint or tattoos were used to create symbolic eagle eyes around the eyes of men, giving them the eyes of the eagle in flight.

I have been asked on occasion to create unique tattoo designs based on traditional Cherokee stories and patterns. The custom designs at the top and bottom of the page represent the Rattlesnake and Star's Seven Points. You are welcome to click on them to obtain a printable version for personal tattooing.

Click on tattoo design for a printable version...