Cherokee Images began about 20 years when the public internet was in its infancy. It started as a way to document Cherokee culture as experienced by one family. It soon became a repository of the language, songs, images, stories and art that was appreciated by Cherokees and non-Cherokees alike. It continued to grow and expand, incorporating lessons in speaking Cherokee through audio files, a first at the time, teaching Cherokee mythology through art and sharing the life stories of Cherokee people.

Over time we saw that Cherokee Images could become even more. We realized it could be used to not only preserve the culture of the Cherokee people, but promote it, while at the same time fostering the skills and talents of the Cherokee people and provide a much needed financial boost to Cherokee individuals, families and communities.

The skills and talents of the Cherokee people are varied. Some practice traditional skills, such as basket making or wood carving. Others possess very modern skills like graphic design. Our desire is to engage these individuals and families, and through a fair wage system, bring their skills together into products available to the public. Our only criteria are that the products, even if using modern materials, be steeped in Cherokee tradition in design, form or function. In short, they must promote the Cherokee spirit. We see it as envisioning traditional Cherokee culture for a modern world.
Cherokee Images continues to evolve. It is our hope you find something at Cherokee Images that increases your knowledge, stirs your spirit and warms your soul.

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