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Bracelet with Copper, Glass Trade & Clay Beads


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Handmade 14 mm clay beads with a natural coffee brown finish with sand-colored bars. This bracelet features copper beads flanking a rich, red glass trade bead.

  • Stretch. Will accommodate most wrists.
  • Measures 7.5″ in length.
  • Handmade natural clay beads
  • Material: Copper, glass, and Clay

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About This Item

In ancient times, Cherokee men and women ornamented their bodies and hair with copper, gold, pink mussel shell, bright feathers, clay beads, rock crystal and freshwater pearls. Copper nuggets were traded from the upper Midwest and hammered into disks, masks, ceremonial objects and jewelry. Beginning in the late 1600’s Europeans began trading with the Cherokees, bringing iron kettles, knives and most sought after, glass trade beads.

This bracelet embodies that complex history. Handmade clay beads, in coffee brown with sand-colored stripes, are combined with hammered copper beads and a single, red, trade bead to create a stunning bracelet. The beads are substantial at 14 mm. The copper beads are slightly smaller and the focal rich red trade bead is added to honor Cherokee history . The bracelet is hand-strung on durable stretch cording and will stretch to fit most wrists.

  • Stretch. Fits most wrists, measuring 7 1/2 inches in length.
  • Handmade clay beads
  • Real copper beads
  • Material: copper, glass, and clay

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 2 in


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