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Home is where the heart is. You can wear the Cherokee Nation close to your heart with this necklace. It features a hand-stamped copper medallion with Cherokee written in the Cherokee syllabary and a sealed glass vial filled with real Cherokee Nation soil.

  • Dimensions: Glass vial measures 7/8 inches long x 3/8 inches in diameter.
  • 22 inch solid copper chain
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • Material: glass, cork, solid copper

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About This Item

Home is where the heart is and this Home Sweet Home Necklace embraces that. No saying was ever more true about the Cherokee people than this one. The Cherokee people are numerous. However, only about half of the registered Cherokee tribal members live in the Cherokee Nation. Large populations of Cherokees can be found in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston and other locations around the world.

This necklace is for all those Cherokees and Cherokee friends and supporters, male or female, who want a reminder of Cherokee Nation close to their hearts. A clear glass vial is suspended from a 22″ copper chain. Inside the vial is rich, dark soil hand dug from the oak and hickory forest floor of the Cherokee Nation. If you look closely you may see small roots, pieces of leaves or small stones, all sealed inside. Also included is a small copper medallion, stamped with word Cherokee, “Tsa-la-gi”, in the Cherokee syllabary.

  • Dimensions: The vial measures 7/8 ” long x 3/8 in diameter.
  • 22 inch solid copper chain
  • Material: Glass, solid copper

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